Algorithm Optimization

Algorithm Optimization

Project Summary


Global semiconductor company, US

Time Period

3 months

Team Size

5 people


C, C++

Project Overview

Our task was to produce a set of dynamic algorithms, and optimize them to the client’s needs.

Software Side

Our mathematicians produced a set of 5 algorithms elaborated and developed by our software engineers in C in order to reach higher results in precision and speed of the exponential function.

The resulting algorithms varied according to the client’s needs, but showed speed gain of 30% over algorithms by AMD, ARM as well as the latest C library.

The precision was checked by our theoretical library, that allows calculations with higher precision than any standard library.

All our sets of algorithms implemented in C are able to be used in different conditions, depending on the available memory, provided platform and required speed, as we tested them on different platforms and with the use of different compilers.