Project Summary


VZEP, Ukraine

Time Period

4 years

Team Size

6 engineers


Embedded Linux

Project Overview

Digital instrument cluster is a complex image processing system, equipped with many additional functionalities and interfaces.

The dashboard has an extremely powerful flexibility and can be dynamically configured to provide any information to the driver with GPS navigation, side mirrors, speedometer, Tachymeter, fuel gauge, temperatures, vehicle statistics and notifications.

Hardware Side

The core of the system is an ARM Cortex A9 CPU with an enhanced hardware GPU, equipped with 256MB DDR3, 8MB NOR Flash and 512MB NAND Flash running at 533MHz clock.

The system can easily interface with up to 3 displays, and up to 4 video cameras.

Software Side

The GPADE main functionalities is to gather all vehicle data from several vehicle ECU's over CAN bus, and to display these information in an ergonomic manner to the driver.

This info is for example: Vehicle Speed, engine RPM, outside/inside temperature, oil pressure/temperature, battery charging status, gear status, Navigation map, side mirrors, all lights signaling and more.

Main purpose is to present to the driver all vehicle info in real time, so he can make all decisions easily.