System Architecture

Designing the entire system structure of Hardware and Software components based on client requests and system functionality, establishing relations between hardware and software components and human interaction and also describing hardware and software functionality and mapping software architecture onto the hardware architecture and interaction with these components by the user.

System Schematics

Designing Schematics diagrams using EDA tools (Altium Designer and Eagle). Based on the Hardware Architecture we choose the best electronic components from the point of view of functionality and cost and we design the interconnections between them.

PCB Layout

Designing the PCB layout using EDA tools (Altium Designer and Eagle). Based on Hardware Architecture, client requests, and necessary certification we design the layout of the PCB, from singe layer to multilayers boards and we provide manufacturing files (Gerber files) according to industry standards. We can also perform changes on client design by importing from various EDA tools.

Embedded Programming

Writing software routines for embedded systems, based on Software and Hardware architectures taking into consideration the particularities of microcontroller/microprocessor being used. We use IDE from various manufacturers such as Microchip MPLAB, Keil µVision, Texas Instruments Code Composer.


We can perform hardware simulation of electronic designs using Altium Designer EDA tool.

Test Suit Design

We can design test suit environment for various Software and Hardware Designs. We can create a collection of test cases in order to test software functionality. We can create custom test jigs to test various hardware functionalities using inbuild hardware or 3D printed components.