Project Summary


Moonitor Co. Ltd, Israel

Time Period

2 years

Team Size

4 engineers


Embedded C, Angular framework, Typescript, CSS

Project Overview

Our engineers were given the task to produce a real-time customizable and easy to use herd management system with software and hardware modules for processing and tracking the activities of cows, and presenting reports to researchers and herd managers.

Hardware Side

We designed a hardware collar module attached to the neck of a cow, to collect data regarding the activities of the herd by analyzing movements through an accelerometer.

The results backed by location information are sent by satellite or RF ground communication, to an internet server database, where additional processing provides to the user valuable data about the entire herd.

Solar charging and satellite communication allow for long term operation in remote locations.

Software Side

Our software engineers developed algorithms to facilitate data classification. Raw data was sent to a server using a satellite link, or RF ground communication where it was further processed and displayed on our client’s web and mobile application.