Project Summary


ApaVital, Romania

Time Period

2 years

Team Size

6 engineers


Embedded C, SQL, ASP.NET MVC, C#, CSS, JavaScript, Boostrap

Project Overview

We were asked to develop a system that records water consumption data that can automatically be processed and billed through the client’s billing system.

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Hardware Side

The advanced system that we built records user consumption data through RF modules, then processes and stores that data in the meter processing unit. Small radio units measure consumption and communicate collected data to a bigger unit (mobile data concentrator) that sends it over GSM to an internet server.

Live data is also displayed on its electronic totalizer.

Software Side

We built the embedded software in C to run water meter “totalizers” and the data concentrator level, and used Java for the mobile application.

We enabled consumption data to be easily accessible to users and to be billed automatically through ROVERIS billing software.

Further access to the database can be done via multiple platforms.