PC Applications

For each application apart we chose the best suited language, depending on the user’s needs and requirements, among a variety of Java, C/C++, C#, Python, Pascal, etc. This allows us to provide the best possible solution to any task.

For instance, for the development of Algorithm Optimization project we have focused on combination of high speed and decent precision that could compete with solutions provided by top companies. We have also implemented a theoretical library in order to thoroughly check our results and used a variety of compilers and platforms for testing.

Thus, all our solutions can be easily integrated depending on clients’ needs and possibilities, including high-precision calculus.

Mobile Applications

While developing mobile apps, we focus on security, fast response, reliable interface, stability, and also keep up the maintenance for future updates.

Our developers have built mobile applications based on iOs platform such as tools for weather monitoring, company management and travel apps, using the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to enhance the user experience and enable features that were not possible before. We have also implemented applications on Android, for example, “Smart House”. It has a powerful designed architecture, well-defined with the hardware module API, and a human friendly user interface, which allows the owner to control and monitor every meter of his house.

Web Applications

We cover all the parts of the web development cycle: we design the client-side (front-end) according to the customer’s wishes in order to make the application as intuitive as possible, and program server-side (back-end) in order to provide stable, protected data storage.

A variety of tools is used for web development in order to provide the best performance, such as Angular framework, .NET framework, WordPress, Maven, Spring Boot, API and Human to Machine Interface, as well as work with databases (SQL, MySQL, Vertica, etc) and different programming languages (Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, Python, C# and others).

The best example would be our modern solution approach for MOOnitor Herd Management System, where have been applied the latest and the best technologies in the world. Several levels of front-end and back-end security, fast response from the Database Access Layer, a detailed data logged system, are just few of them.

Quality Assurance

Our idea behind quality assurance is to examine the processes during the whole cycle and check not only the result, but each step of the product development. This guarantees the highest quality, saves money and speeds up the entire process.

We strive to make all the processes as smooth as possible, so everything is documented, validated and, after being checked and approved, distributed.

All phases of the Deming cycle get enough attention: we plan, do, check and act, being sure of the quality of our product or service.

Graphical Design

Our mission is to display information harmoniously, so that beauty and usability go hand in hand. It’s our duty to make sure every detail counts and corresponds so that the overall effect is pleasant and intuitive.

Our experience includes 2D and 3D designs for many types of applications, web pages and dashboards for automation. Every solution is designed for each client specifically.

In GPADE project, the advantages of a digital dashboard are obvious compared to an analog one. It allows creating visualizations which are most convenient to the user and suitable in any situation. It enables the easy adjustment of control functions when using any design, changeable and versatile, so it will fit perfectly anyone.